DEMOCRATIC RAIN an open-source-installation in the public street-context and in the Internet. It invites all local and virtual passengers to answer a question using their smartphones or their desktop computers and DROP out. the internet and the virtual audience and each answer which reaches and expresses itself through the CLOUD via the internet connected laser printer which is installed on/in a public spot/context.
DROP every single sheet of A4-paper, which leaves, informed by the voice of the individual, the CLOUD. The answers are limited to 160 characters and automatically adjust their font size to the A4 format. Each response is printed and online untranslated. A name field makes it obligatory to sign the post (at least with an alias). All DROPs become chronological listed and can be commented.
RAIN the sum of the free-falling DROPS.
EVAPORATOR.. is the local, real part of the audience. She/he reaches the CLOUD via her/his smartphone and carries on the experience and massages orally.
POOL the sum of all street-landing DROPS.
Einat Amir, Rafram Chaddad, Masami, Ido Michaeli, Tamara Moyzes, Yair Perez, Ronit Porat, Maayan Sheleff - fine concept and 1st realisation

Jana Hadravova - programing website
Malex Spiegel - web-server / RAINKIT-set up
Francesca Eugeni - documentation
tOmi Scheiderbauer - idea and preconcept
DEMOCRATIC RAINS proto-project is elaborated and realized after a one week workshop with the Artists 2013 in ARTPORT, Tel Aviv.